Handmade knit tote bags

made in Maine

Our Story

Geome Bags were founded in 2020 by Nutsa Burke. After moving to the state of Maine from the country of Georgia, she decided to take a break from practicing law and focus on her passion for knitting, that she inherited from her grandmother.


Nutsa has always been an animal lover and protector and she believes that no leather bag is worth the life of any animal. Her love for knitting and animals inspired her to make fashionable knit bags that can be great vegan alternative to  modern handbags.

About Our Product

We provide our customers with a divine combination of Wood and Yarn. Precious Tricot Fabric with Georgian beech tree makes an exceptional combo for a modern handmade bag.  Each Geomē bag is made individually and is available in only one copy. All the bags have Linen fabric inside, which makes the bags washable and comfortable for everyday use.

Why Geomē ?

The  name Geome comes from the combination of two wonderful places : the country of Georgia (Geo) and the state of Maine (Me).

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