• Georgian Beech Heartwood  Handmade Wooden Handles
  • Cotton Tricot Fabric
  • Linen Fabric Inside
  • Magnet Close Mechanism



  • Full H13.8 x W11.8 x Depth10.6 (Full H35cm x W30cm x Depth27cm)
  • 600gr; 1.32 Lbs

Black and Grey

  • Circular hand knit bag with wooden handle.  

    This bag was hand knit in the United States using vegan materials. Our products are always one of kind and created with sustainable practices.  

    These top-handle knit bags are perfect for a night out or a picnic in the park. Our tricot knit handmade bags are lined with linen and have a magnetic closure on the handmade Georgian beechwood handles for easy open and close. Geome artisan bags hold their value and are easy to clean. 

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